Puttin’ on the Ritz!

Montreal’s more than famous Ritz-Carlton is a phoenix. The hotel, known internationally by princes, prime ministers and presidents, is being restored to its former glory.

Your entrance

THE BIG NEWS?  The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal , a luxury condominium tower ( NOT a condo hotel) is being built as we speak.  The property shares the same walls, and indeed street block, as the famous Ritz Hotel – but has a totally separate entrance. Check out the top photo!


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Celebrities noted at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel – the FIRST IN THE WORLD !  –include Elizabeth Taylor


and Richard Burton who married at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 1964.

The Residences can share hotel services.  Owners can order in from Ritz-Carlton Hotel room service when they don’t feel like cooking.  Plus,  they have valet parking and a separate entrance from the hotel…but are part of the internationally-renowned RITZ ‘brand’…what could be better !

And yes, the famed Ritz Garden will remain – but better:  it will be enclosed.  Taking afternoon tea will be as lovely – with the ducks!

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel will be celebrating its centenary when it opens in 2012..stay tuned!  This amazing Golden Mile location is attracting international attention, and is already 1/2 sold – to Montrealers who appreciate luxury, security  – and state-of-the art modernity alongside the classic architecture of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

More wonderful memories ?  Read on!

Everything about the Residences is amazing – from the heated floors in the bathroom and kitchen, to the computer-controlled environment.  You can light the fireplace, draw the curtains, and start the music from your telephone as you arrive at Dorval Airport.  Luxe, calme and volupté!

The elegance of a white-gloved era, now at The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal

Ahh...the bathroom



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