Art Basel Miami Beach – Annual Bacchanalia by the sea..Some VIPs

Montrealers noted at Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) this year included Marc DeSerres, director Musée d’art contemporain (MAC) of Montreal, Jean-Claude Baudinet, Stéphane Aquin, Cheryl and Alan Goffman, Joanne and Douglas Cohen (in from Palm Beach), Carmel Mintzberg, gallerists Jeannie Riddle, Donald Browne , Brian Brisson and Alexandra Conners and Pierre François Ouellettewho showed Quebec artists Adad Hannah, Dil Hildebrand, Luc Courchesne, at AQUA, one of the satellite fairs.

Bud Greenbaum, gallery director, with artist Kristian Verono

Bud Greenbaum, gallery director, with artist Kristian Verono

Also noted was Kristian Verono – who had his first vernissage at ABMB!  Félicitations! Not only did he have a show:  he sold most of his works!  Montreal artist ZILON shared the gallery space, but did not make it to the vernissage. The glamourous photog /slash / model Pascale Bourbeau and other guests mingled and sipped Veuve Clicquot, as waves crashed gently on the shore. Pascale had just attended the ONE DROP event the night before, where Claudia Barila and Guy Laliberté watched the Cirque du Soleil with France  Chrétien Desmarais (daughter of former Canadian PM Jean Chrétien) vice-chair of One Drop, and André Desmarais, president and co-CEO, Power Corp. The sold-out smash success was presented by Vancouver-based Gianni Kovacevic and co-chaired by Montrealer Louise Courey Nadeau.  The uber-glam eve raised $450,000 for One Drop, a foundation that aims to provide clean water to everyone in the world.

Jean-Guy Cyr and Donald Browne at the Margulies Collection

Jean-Guy Cyr and gallerist Donald Browne at the Margulies Collection



Jean Guy Cyr – the famed owner of Jack’s on Amherst – was noted enjoying the satellite fairs:  Art Miami, Pulse, Scope – as well as the amazing Rubell Collection, where guests were offered free expresso. WOW! Free?Nothing is free any more at ABMB, so that was a totally appreciated gesture.  The Rubell outdoor garden is so..relaxing.

Strolling around the massive Convention Centre, the main HQ for ABMB, many VIP were noted, but my camera wasn’t fast enough.  Steve Martin (great hat!), George Hamilton (great tan – as usual), Julien Lennon, Jeffrey Deitch (he who is now head of  LA MOCA), Russell Simmons, Venus Williams, Alex Rodriguez (yes, NY Yankees), Christian Louboutin (be still my heart!) ..and oodles more.

Alan and Cheryl Goffman

Many, many, very, very thin blonde ageless women wandered (wobbled?) around on stilettos (Bulletin ladies.  Note to Selves: ‘we’ all wear running shoes!) with men cleverly disguised as their fathers (and in some cases grandfathers – but we won’t go there).  The daze (yes, I mean days..but it’s ok) were blue.  The skies were cloudless.  MOST FUN ?  The pink snails – Pepto-Bismol pink  – along a highway and in amazing places. Some wild and crazy guys had to ruin them with graffiti – ”this has never happened in any other city where we put up our installations,” noted the Italian gallery behind the 10′ shell-shocked pieces.


The Satellite Fairs were the best! PULSE, SCOPE, ART MIAMI, ZOOM (Google Art Basel Miami Beach for info!).  They were fun, alive – and friendly.  Great memories:  Helmeted policemen on shining black horses.  Gorgeous young folk pedalling one around in a rick-shaw thing.  A huge one-dimensional vase – made of buttons. Stefano Piloti (YSL) speaking (sigh).  A table with glass shelves held up by different tchotches – fabulous!

All was glitz, glamour – and gridlock! Shuttle buses to the Satellite Fairs were free and a great idea – but ran so seldom people gave up and tried – TRIED ! – to find taxiis.  Traffic was usually at a stand still…grrr.

Joe Mimran and Kimberley Mimran-Newport

Looking fresh in the heat were white-wardrobed summer-smart Joe + Kim; that would be Joe Mimran of Canada’s Joe Fresh Style fame, and his talented wife Kimberley, who designs the Pink Tartan Collection.

”I wish I had worn red.  Everyone is in black,” bemoaned one lady, with matching Louis Vuitton everything.  ”You could take a course and do that collage thing,” commented another chap to his mum.  ”No. I’m going to knit again,” she snapped, as she gazed at the brightly-coloured knit jacket -on a Tesla electric car.

We loved DESIGN MIAMI, nestled in a huge white tent behind the Convention Centre. There, furniture was artfully (sorry, couldn’t resist!) displayed.  Folk swung in white netting (called Netscape!) at the entrance as they rested and waited for friends.

We will write on The Art later.  Stay tuned…..mtlcravatenoir.wordpress!


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