ICAO holds 37th General Assembly in Montreal

His Excellency Raymond Benjamin, secretary general of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and his wife Viviana were seen at many chic cocktails held during the organization’s 37th session of its assembly .  ICAO, a UN agency, is headquartered in Montreal.

Canada as host country held an amazing reception with 1,500 guests attending, RCMP officers in full regalia and a massive Parliament-size Canadian flag welcomed one and all to Place de la Cité Internationale.  The flag was over 100 square feet and hung from one side of the hall to the other .

The Canadian reception

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DAMIEN HIRST. Now available in Montreal.

The YBA (Young British Artist)Damien Hirst, is famous for his dead animals (sharks, cows, sheep) floating in formaldehyde – but, said animals are in the world’s most prestigious collections – museums around the world, as well as private homes.  His work also encompasses beautiful butterflies, a crystal and diamond-encrusted skull (For the love of God, The Diamond Skull 2007), pharmaceutical cabinets, and colourful dots.

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Art + Fashion. Mod’s Paris 20 Successful Years!

During Montreal Fashion Week, MOD’S HAIR PARIS celebrated 20 successful years. Co-owner of the go-to salon, Stéphane Laveur, is an artist.  By day he ‘paints’ hair, and by night – inspired by his native France, he paints his canvases. The vernissage-happening was held at Galerie Trimont, in Westmount.

Stephane Laveur

Stéphane Laveur

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Saputo Tribute Sensational Soirée

The tribute to Lino Saputo, the handsome leonine leader of the company that bears his name (www.saputo.com), was held at the cavernous Windsor Station – but, boy, the soaring space looked fabulous!

Lino and Mirella Saputo

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Micheline Beauchemin’s Rideau de lumière, couleur du temps (1967)


Imagine if you will a piece of art that is ignored by approximately 150,000 people ever year. And a pretty gosh darn spectacular piece of art at that… Such is the predicament of Micheline Beauchemin’s Rideau de lumière, couleur du temps (1967). I guess that there are approximately 750 seats in Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des Arts, and that it has some sort of performance about 200 night every year. Therefore 150,000 people pass by it each and every year. (Although, before you go quoting me, be aware, I am horrible at guessing things and I have been wrong before, and most definitely will be wrong again).

The Plaque for Micheline Beauchemin's Rideau de lumière, couleur du temps (1967)

The Plaque for Micheline Beauchemin

As the plaque says:

Curtain of Light, Color of the Times (1967). 300,000 pieces of acrylic mounted on stainless steel wires. 305 feet by 25 feet. Collection Place des Arts, restored in 2000. 

And I presume it was all made by hand. Because back in those days they had just graduated from inventing fire and the wheel, and no one had figured out how to invent technology, yet.

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Donna Karan Surprise Guest at Hope & Cope Gala

Aldo Bensadoun, Donna Karan and Joey Adler applaud Sheila Kussner's success

Fabulous fashionistas Bruria Schreter, Linda Smith, Therese Brownstein

Marvyn and Sheila Kussner, Joanne and John Leopold, Janice Kussner

the symbol of hope for Hope & Cope: the butterfly

Designer Donna Karan , wearing flowing black, beads from Senegal, and a Kabbalah band, spoke to the sold-out audience at Hope & Cope’s Soirée Fantastique. And, indeed, it was fantastique!  Olympic theme composer Stephan Moccio played his compositions on the piano to an utterly silent room:  You could hear a pin drop.  No wonder.  Moccio (a handsome lad with Italian and French heritage!) has composed for Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, and Josh Groban – to name but a few.

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Eyes Wide Open gala – Musée des beaux-arts



ETalk's Jeffrey Feldman and Quebec media celeb Herby Moreau

la scena

The Venetian Carnevale came to Montreal with Eyes Wide Open (no,not Eyes Wide Shut ) but the annual sold-out smash at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Artistic direction came from  Cirque du Soleil so no wonder the eye candy was over the top!

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