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Porcelain peace. Random broken white tiles installation at Galerie Donald Browne

Galerie Donald Browne in the Belgo Building is showing John Francis’ broken porcelain  – serene white tiles with the tension of tiny cracks where the artist has carefully, and not so carefully, broken the pieces.  The ceramic, a common material, has been re-worked in the tradition of mosaics.  Although we recognize the wall covering of public washrooms, the white tiles now have a dual resonance:  they are alluringly lovely, and yet…. A feeling of risk greets the viewer on entering the gallery: a broken sink and toilet lie on the floor.  There is a sense of abandonment; possibly of vandalism.  But there is also a sense of beauty in these ‘installations’ ($4,500 each). The ‘found objects’ are, in a way, destroyed, then reconstructed.  Their ‘new’ geometry offers a minimalist modernism.

The calmness of the cracks – yes, an oxymoron – comes out in the wall-hung pieces ($1,500 – $1,800, and almost sold out).  There, whiter-than-white porcelain tiles with their myriad of hair-line cracks are hung in groups of 4 and 6.  Hung horizontally in a row, they are beautiful.  One should buy more than one!

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